What is a Charter School

Our charter school is a free publicly funded school, granted a charter by the Sheboygan Area School District (SASD) to focus on our particular mission independent of some state and district rules and regulations. We operate within and are part of the SASD. As an instrumentality school, our teachers are members of the union and are state certified. To find out more about charter schools in Wisconsin, visit the Wisconsin Charter School Association or look at the quick facts.

ESAA has a legal, written performance contract with the SASD and the Governing Board of the Charter School. This contract allows for autonomy related to school policy, curriculum, personnel, governance and finance. While ESAA is free to create its own curriculum, it is also measured by and held to the same state standards as all public schools.

As a charter school of choice, all students are welcome to attend our school. Spaces are offered at random through an admissions lottery when necessary.

ESAA is governed by the Etude Group Board of Directors. The Governing Board sets educational objectives with our school’s Administrator and plays a substantial role in directing and supporting our school.