Our Beliefs

We believe every student should be Empowered as an Individual to use his or her unique interests and Multiple Intelligences to understand and learn.

We believe curriculum should be Diverse and Personalized to challenge each student.

We believe teaching with a Multiple Intelligence approach is enhanced through Seamless Integration of the Arts, which deepens comprehension in academic disciplines and strengthens learning.

We believe in a Nurturing Community and Culture embedded in respect, decency, and trust, with democratic practices that allow students to build and modify their community expectations.

We believe in a Culture of Thinking that immerses students in how to use their minds well.  Our curriculum reinforces exceptional critical thinking through modeling, thinking routines, collaborative interactions and reflections.

We believe our teachers are Empowered Collaborators-in-Learning, guided by Harvard University training and cutting-edge research from the Coallition of Essential Schools.  Our teachers facilitate an exceptional environment for learning, allowing students to gain deep academic understanding.